4 Best Martial Arts for Weight Loss – Here is how you can really take its benefits

Which are the Best Martial Arts for Weight Loss?
Losing extra body weight has become the number 1 demand of this generation. Whether males or females, school/college going students or job doers, from 14 years old to 55 years old, want to look fit and attractive. And this is not bad at all. In fact, this is wonderful thought and desire we all should appreciate. But the problem is, most adults or even middle-aged people are focusing mostly on quick fixes like weight loss pills, weight loss surgery, and some other less useful and more dangerous methods for our health in the long run.

But rather than all these quick fixes, better options for weight loss are Weight Loss Workouts (specifically through Martial arts & Combat Sports), a proper plan of your food and water intake, and having a healthy lifestyle.

This article will cover this problem of all these people, who are serious, not only about losing weight fast but also keeping their health maintained and sustained. We are 100% sure; that this article would be a game-changer for you. Check it out.

Author: Daniel Ashraf

Weight Loss Workouts

Martial arts trainings are wonderful not only for losing weight but also for helping you learn self-defense. Whether you are practicing Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, or MMA, you will not only burn your extra fats and earn a muscular body but you will get multiple results. Being in the Martial arts industry and being passionate about Self-defense and personal fitness, honestly speaking, all these kinds of martial arts are best for you for your personal fitness. A brief description of different martial arts benefits of losing weight fast and getting into shape is under.

1. Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated in Thailand in the 1500s, which is also called the Art of Eight Limbs because it is a discipline that uses knees, elbows, fists, and shins, alongside clinching and sweeping techniques. Hence you use almost your whole body while Muay Thai training, you burn your fats from your upper body as well as your lower body. It is a very tough training compared to all combat sports hence it seems more effective for burning your extra calories. During an hour session of Muay Thai Training, you can burn up to 1500 calories, depending upon your body weight. When you practice Muay Thai even with the intention of losing weight, you will learn how to throw low and high kicks, and how to deliver knee, elbow, and punches which will activate your inner strength and help you enjoy everything you do in the whole day. Even if you never tried any kind of martial arts before, Muay Thai is a great pick if you are serious about losing weight fast.


Boxing and Kickboxing are almost the same combat sports and the main difference between Boxing & Kickboxing is that ‘we can use only punches or can block punches in Boxing whereas in Kickboxing we can use legs and punches both’. Boxing is a game of mind and body as well. It is the most technical sport in all combat sports. Boxing is a wonderful sport that anyone can start practicing even if they have never ever heard about it before. A beginner can start with just bag work while using proper training and protection equipment including Boxing Training Gloves, handwraps, and a Training Punching bag. You can even start your basic training for personal fitness with your home gym (you can order your home gym equipment by clicking here). In practicing boxing training, you learn how to jab, cross hook, & uppercut which is some basic punching techniques. A normal boxing class duration is around an hour which is consist of a warm-up, stretches, and training which all help the practitioner to lose calories up to 1000 depending on your body weight. This means, that the more you weigh, the more you can lose.

3. Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Mortal arts (MMA) is a combat sport in which around all kinds of combat sports techniques can be found. From Boxing to Kickboxing, Jujitsu to Karate or Judo, Wrestling to Grappling, you will find people using all the techniques of all these different combat sports in one. For an MMA fighter, you must-have information on both types of combat sports knowledge, striking and grappling. Only knowing combat sports on feet and not on the ground cannot help you in long run in MMA. Mixed Martial arts is the best sport for losing weight. Even only an hour session of MMA training can help you lose more than a thousand calories. Many of the world-famous MMA gyms like Brooklyn MMA Club, Evolution MMA, and The Grappling Gym, are providing excellent weight loss workouts trainings. In MMA trainings, you also need some training gear including MMA gloves, an MMA training bag (which you can use by hanging on the wall or just putting it off on the ground for groundwork), or MMA Grappling Dummy, and also protection for your shins. The best thing about learning and practicing MMA or any other kind of combat sport for losing weight is that you will not only lose your weight for sure but also you will learn how to keep your mental and physical balance.

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4. Karate

Karate is a wonderful full-body workout for losing weight and it more focuses on upper body strikes. It is good to learn as well for your personal self-defense. Karate like other combat sports needs to be played with protection equipment like Fists Protection, Shin and instep protection, chest protection, etc. All the above-mentioned reasons to learn martial arts, are sound enough to give you a kick to get started. Martial arts also help you in gaining self-confidence, whether you are a child or of any age. Martial arts also help you in maintaining all your body functions normal. Even with some martial arts like meditation, you can control your body temperature.

karate fight


Eating natural foods, on time and proper intake of water is the most important part of our healthy life. Whether we are looking for losing weight or our goal is to keep healthy, properly taking care of our food and water intake is crucial for living a balanced life. Even sometimes we properly take care of our workouts but we still can misbalance our good health by ignoring the importance of a healthy natural diet.


When we talk about a healthy lifestyle the number 1 thing we got into our minds is the sleeping routine. Nighttime sleep is also as important as food and workouts. If you want to know more in detail, I would recommend you read a book by Mathew Walker with the title, “Why We Sleep”. Sleep is foundational to health, and without enough of it, your risk of disease increases significantly. In sum-up, living healthy should be the number 1 goal in our long term goals plannings and taking care of your health needs our proper attention on physical exercise, proper food and water intake and also the healthy lifestyle. If we are really interested in enjoying the golden egg of our good health, we must take care of the goose, the intersection of physical workout, a healthy diet plan, and a healthy lifestyle.

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