Lace Up Boxing Gloves Vs. Velcro

As you may know, Boxing Gloves has become a must in 1867, and before that the players were boxing with bear hands. That was very tough though, and very dangerous too.

At that time, almost only lace-up boxing gloves were being used everywhere. Then, with the passage of time, hook and loop closure gloves got into the market possibly due to some issues being faced by boxing gloves users. Now, mostly you will see Velcro closure boxing gloves not only for training purposes but also in competition.

With the passage of time, Velcro gloves now have become popular among beginners as well as professionals if you have a look in any MMA gym or shop. People tend to use gloves and get them off instantly to get out of the gym without much headache.

A survey report was held by Parana Sports

So by seeing the popularity graph and the change in customers’ needs with time, you can easily understand that most beginners, whether they start in the gym or at home, start with Velcro Boxing Gloves.

So what should we consider the best option? Actually, like any other topic, it depends on people’s perceptions. We can only share the pros and cons so you can make a better decision according to your needs and comfort.

What should we consider about choosing Velcro or Lace-up Gloves while buying boxing gloves?

  • Your budget matters
  • Is your buying purpose for training or competition?
  • If training, what sort of training? Do you want better closure for a long period of time or do you prefer quick on and off?
  • Do you have your training partner or a coach?

Now you have clarity on these questions, only by knowing the pros and cons of Velcro Boxing Gloves and Lace up boxing gloves, you can easily decide what to choose.

Benefits of Lace up Boxing Gloves

  • They provide better closure
  • They cannot get loosen while training.
  • They mostly provide better wrist support.

Disadvantages of Lace up Boxing Gloves

  • They are difficult to put on or off
  • You need a partner for wearing them and also for putting them off.
  • Laces corners can injure your opponent if not properly adjusted.  

Benefits of Velcro Boxing Gloves

  • They are easy to put on and off.
  • You can wear the gloves yourself without anyone’s help.
  • Velcro closure gloves cannot make any trouble for you or your opponent.
  • There are some styles of Velcro gloves that make them almost the same safe closure as lace up gloves.

Disadvantages of Velcro Boxing Gloves

  • Simple style Velcro closure gloves can get off themselves while training.
  • Velcro gloves usually provide less wrist support.
  • With time, low-quality Velcro can lose its effectiveness, and hence your gloves can become useless without it, even if the glove is good in condition.

In a nutshell, Velcro gloves are made for ease of use as most of the trainees are doing their practice alone even in the gym or at home so they prefer Velcro closure gloves. For professional training and fights, still, lace up boxing gloves are a preference of most combat sports lovers.

Hybrid Boxing Gloves

Some brands are also offering Hybrid Boxing Gloves which contain both, Lace up and Velcro Boxing Gloves closures. But this is not any solution at all. It is because, though Hybrid Boxing Gloves will be very good in the closure part still it is more difficult than simply lacing up boxing gloves, to put them on or off.

Double Straps Boxing Gloves

Some brands are offering double strap closure in boxing gloves which is the best alternative solution for all the problems we face with velcro boxing gloves plus it has all the attributes of lace-up boxing gloves as well. Parana Sports is going to launch PARANA T4 Boxing Gloves soon, which will have this feature along with many new features as well.

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