WHAT WEIGHT BOXING GLOVES SHOULD I CHOOSE – a guide to save you time & money

What Weight Boxing Gloves should I choose?

Boxing Gloves are available in many different weight sizes and regular adult sizes are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz & 16oz. For kids, the sizes are 2oz, 4oz & 6oz respectively. Kids sizes are 2oz & 4oz used for kids from 2 years old till 6 years old, which gloves mostly filled with cotton wool. while 6oz gloves are made for kids from 6years old till 11 years old which are filled with IMF padding or hand moulded foams padding.

Choosing the right weight gloves for you is very crucial for your safety purpose which also means, that if you will choose the wrong weighted boxing gloves for yourself, you are not protected as much as is recommended.

Here are some details about different boxing glove sizes and how to choose the best one for yourself, to save you from picking any wrong weight boxing gloves. We are going to update this guide from time to time for which you should ask questions in the comments or you can contact us for anything you want to know about the Boxing Gloves this is going to become the Ultimate Guide to Boxing Gloves, with our mutual cooperation. [Last updated 25th June 2022]

Author: Daniel Ashraf

collected the insights with the collaboration of Muhammad Waseem Flyweight Professional Boxer


The main difference between all these weight sizes is the difference in padding inside the gloves. We make the different thicknesses of padding for different purposes. For example, we make 08oz and 10oz weighted boxing gloves mostly for fighting and boxing competition matches. These gloves are less thick and mostly made with such padding which just protects your hands and also doesn’t make any extra striking impact on the opponent but just it impacts like barehanded strikes. These gloves are mostly padded with hand moulded padding which includes horse hair inside them upon the knuckle area.

What Weight Boxing Gloves should I choose

On the other hand, 8oz, 10oz or 12oz Boxing Gloves are also available in IMF padding which mostly gets used as normal training gloves for heavy bag and sparring sessions.

boxing glove

A simple rebound foam padding gloves are also available in the market which are specifically made for bag work and it is named “bag gloves” or “Bag Mitts”.

Bag Gloves

Similarly, 14oz and 16oz weight gloves are mostly used for sparring. Its extra-thick padding means more protection to your hands though it slightly affects your punching speed.


One thing that we must bear in mind is, that only different Weighted Boxing Gloves are not the criteria for choosing gloves for any purpose. The one crucial criterion is padding type, whether it is hand moulded padding or injection moulded foam padding and also the different combination of padding layers in hand moulded padding matter.


Actually, the answer to this question is very simple. “It depends on your body weight”. Whether you are a male or female, it does not matter. But your weight will tell you the actual weight of boxing gloves you need. Again, there is one more thing that matters. And it is the type of use you want with your boxing gloves. For example, if you are buying your personal boxing gloves for bag work or sparring or for the championship fight.

For the heavy bag work, the following would be the general weight class of the boxer,


Near to 45kg weight                    6oz – 8oz Gloves

45kg to 60kg weight                    10oz Gloves

60kg to 70kg weight                    12oz Gloves

70kg to 80kg weight                    14oz Gloves

80+kg weight                              16oz Gloves

For example, 14oz and 16oz boxing gloves weight are heavier so it is safer to be used for people above 70kg weight. It is because of this weight person when they hit the bag with their full power, it can make damage on your hand with lesser thick padded gloves.

These 2 sizes of boxing gloves are available in both Injection moulded padding and hand moulded padding but hand moulded padded gloves are the better option if we talk about hands protection. It is because hand moulded padding is made with multi densities foams combination whereas Injection foam padding is made with single foam with only density.


Choosing the right boxing gloves can also depend on your Boxing Goal. For example, if your goal is to build muscles or lose weight, choosing heavyweight gloves would be a better option as the more you will work with heavyweight gloves, the more calories you will burn and hence the more muscles you will earn. When you pick one end of the stick, you also pick the other end.

Similarly, if your goal is to improve your punching speed, choosing lightweight gloves or even the specific “Boxing Mitts” which are only made for boxing work, can be the best option as they are light weighted, you can punch with more speed and accuracy without much physical fatigue.


You also need to measure your hand circumference while you are selecting your boxing glove size. Though it does not apply to most of the cases from our experience sometimes as some people have heavier hands compared to their body weight measuring your hand from the knuckle area can also be a useful method for choosing your boxing gloves. Its details are as under,

5.5 inches circumference              6oz – 8oz Gloves

6.5 inches circumference              10oz Gloves

7.5 inches circumference              12oz Gloves

8.5 inches circumference              14oz Gloves

9.5 inches circumference              16oz Gloves

These are regular hand circumferences for boxing gloves. For bigger than these measurements, 18oz and 20oz weight boxing gloves are the better options.


Depends on the quality of the glove’s outer shell and the inside padding and how you use them. If you have bought an artificial leather outer shell with IMF (injection moulded foam) padding, it is better for you to change your gloves every 3rd to 5th week or more, depending on the frequency of your training plus how badly you use it. But if this padding is in a genuine leather shell, it can be used for around 6 to 12 weeks and sometimes even more.

Similarly, if you are using hand moulded padded gloves, it can take 6 months to a year and even more for some gloves like Parana Hammer LEON Boxing Gloves.

Note: how long you can use your gloves or even any other products; totally depend on the usage of the product. If you care about your product and use it as it should be used and as it is described in its instruction manual, it can be used for a longer period of time.


There are many rumors about different colors of boxing gloves. Today we will try to share with you some reality-based facts about different colors of boxing gloves so you can pick the colors with your conscious choice. Every color has some insights and effects on our mind and that effect depends on our personality type. Colors even influence the decisions people make and they influence how people feel and act. In other words, every color has some Psychological effects on the human body and mind. Studies have shown that colors can also affect on human performance[1]. So defiantly, what color you pick, will affect your training sessions and hence your personal fitness or your fighting sports career.

For example, colors that are very seductive like red, orange, neon yellow, etc cause people to react with more power. This means, these colors will make you more emotional and you will make your decisions more with emotions than your mind. Compared to red, colors like Black, Green, white, and blue colors will keep your mind active and you will not lose your mind in the fight. So red, orange and neon yellow, colors boxing gloves seem more suitable for your training purpose. It is because the more power you will use in your trainings, the better you will become for your fight.

And in the fight, colors like Black, Green, white, and blue would be more suitable for you so you can keep the blub of your mind on and you can keep thinking while your battle for the right move because one right move can turn your win into your loss or your lose into your success. Often people describe Black as a powerful color.

Fortunately, all these colors of boxing gloves you can buy at

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